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Hello, I'm Richard. I would love to have the opportunity to share with you my knowledge on productivity software.

Being a small business owner myself, and realising the importance of productivity software, I have recently purchased productivity software.

Below I have taken the time to share with you even more information about productivity software, and what you can expect after purchasing productivity software.


Making Business Productivity Software Work for You

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If you are the owner or at the helm of any type of business then you are already very familiar with the many tasks and responsibilities that land on your desk, either virtual or tangible, each and every single day.

But thankfully, there are now many impressive and functional business productivity software solutions to choose from that can help to make everything from reading emails to preparing in depth presentations to managing employees so much easier and more efficient.

The key in making business productivity software work for you is first taking an accurate assessment of your needs and tasks and transferring them technologically. For example, if your company allows employees to telecommute, which is becoming an increasingly popular option, business productivity software could be an invaluable asset in terms of monitoring their performance.
The greatest challenge with managing employees who telecommute or work for you virtually is keeping track of their productivity, which would be nearly impossible to do so accurately without the benefit of some type of computer program.
If you are in business for yourself and only have your own duties to keep track of along with the basic operations of your company, then you will need to find other types of software or web based applications based on the tasks you perform.
Depending on the nature of your business, voice recognition software can be one of the most helpful tools you will ever use for increasing productivity and tapping into your creativity. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Solutions software from Nuance allows you to create a variety of documents including emails and spreadsheets along with starting and controlling programs and applications on your computer simply by talking. The software also has versions for all sizes of businesses from the local sole proprietorship to the internationally renowned enterprise.
Business productivity software doesn't have to break the budget as there are plenty of free or low cost options to choose from. Doing an online search will yield many results to consider and allow you to read user reviews from those who already have experience with a program or application.
Corel's WordPerfect, one of the first word processing programs ever created, is a lower cost alternative to the popular Microsoft Office suite of programs. You can download free trials of all Corel's software at their website which include a wide range of photo editing programs in addition to WordPerfect Office X4 that features a word processor, a spreadsheet program, and another one for creating presentations.
Although it may be tempting to buy the first business productivity software program or suite you see or the one with the best advertising or the lowest price, doing your research first will pay off considerably in the long run and allow you to achieve just the right fit when it comes to acquiring just the right applications for your business.
Business productivity software and applications come in many shapes and sizes with so many options to choose from based on your specific needs that it's easy to make technology work for you instead of the other way around.


Increasing Efficiency with Business Productivity Software 

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The viability and success of any type of business large or small greatly depends upon how efficient it is able to operate and the quality of service or products provided to customers.

Business productivity software can help to facilitate a number of duties and management activities from the mundane and the monotonous to those that help streamline operations while leaving you with more time for other pressing tasks. 
Small companies and organizations may require business productivity software that encompasses the basic applications like word processors or accounting programs while larger enterprises will, of course, need more extensive solutions like human resources software.
In the electronic age we live in today, email alone has the potential to take up a considerable amount of time between sending, responding, sorting and saving the countless messages transmitted every minute of every day. It is imperative to explore your email client, or obtain a new one if necessary, and make use of the features and functions you may not have knew existed such as filtering, grouping, organizing, and automating.
Spending some time to familiarize yourself now with what your email is capable of can save considerable amounts of time over the course of just one week.
Beyond email lies an entire realm of other documents that you may need to create and access for your business. Word processing and spreadsheets have become important parts of the business world, whether or not that business is conducted online or off.
The Paper Tiger is a filing and document management software with a basic version starting at less than sixty dollars. Paperless offices are becoming the wave of the future as companies turn to technology for managing everything from payroll to inventory while the computer replaces the file cabinet. Visit The Paper Tiger's website to read about their free trial.
Also offering a free trial is Basecamp, a web based business productivity software tool used by small businesses, non-profit organizations, and large corporations. Basecamp allows users to share files, manage projects, and interact with clients and other employees. Visit their website at Basecamp to learn more about pricing, which start at around twenty five dollars a month, and the various plans offered.
Basecamp also has a 30 day trial as well as a completely free plan that allows for unlimited users working on one project, but there are no file sharing capabilities with this option.
Remember the Milk is an innovative take on an old standby, the grocery list, that allows you to manage a number of tasks from anywhere in the world as it's compatible with cellular phones as well as computers. Remember the Milk also allows users to manage tasks offline, share them with others, integrate tasks with Google's Calendar and Twitter and then receive reminders via email, SMS, or IM. Manage and organize your to-do list more efficiently.
Whatever business productivity software you ultimately decide is best for your company or entrepreneurial endeavors, make sure it is compatible with the hardware and other software you currently use as well as being upgradeable so that you can stay on task and hopefully experience great success.



The Top Free and Functional Productivity Software

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It is certainly no secret that productivity software can be rather expensive, and especially those that are sold in suites or bundled together.

The words "free and functional" should definitely pique your interest, especially if you are a small business owner or the head of a company that's just starting out whose budget may likely not allow for costly software solutions, even if they may eventually help to increase revenue later on.
Here are some of the top free and functional productivity software to consider using for your business:
Since every business needs to have a website not only to remain competitive but also for marketing purposes, ample time should be spent on promoting and maintaining that site. Productivity software like Web CEO helps business owners to save a considerable amount of time, which usually converts into money, by performing a variety of helpful functions, including submitting your site to countless search engines and web directories.
The free version of Web CEO, in a nutshell, maintains, promotes, and analyzes your website's statistics. There are other pay versions of the software to choose from, but the free one does helpful things like check your site for keywords and offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) suggestions in order to increase the page's rank amongst the search engines.
Web CEO can be found at
OpenOffice is productivity software suite that is totally free and completely compatible with other office programs. Without paying upwards of three to five hundred dollars, or more, you'll be able to download productivity software that includes a database, spreadsheet, and word processor, all with comparable features to Microsoft's Office suite of programs.
OpenOffice files are compatible with Office files and the program also eliminates the need for buying more pricey productivity software as the Writer program allows you to save documents using the .PDF file extension.
OpenOffice can be found at
SiteUptime is a free website monitoring service that allows you to check your site's server, email server, and FTP server twice an hour without the need for installing complicated software, or paying hefty monitoring fees. There are pay plans to choose from that offer more frequent monitoring capabilities, but once every thirty minutes should be enough for most businesses.

Site Uptime can be found at
Stay in touch with current and potential clients with the free productivity software known as Skype that allows you to make free PC to PC phone calls, video calls, and send instant messages.
With real time communications tools businesses can remain competitive and increase efficiency on a global level. Skype, much like similar software, does offer reasonable pay plans if you need to make calls to those who don't yet have the free program.
Skype can be found at
Many businesses use these and other programs exclusively, even if cost is not a major concern thanks to the sheer number of features available for free. With your choice of productivity software for your business like these, in some cases you actually do get what you don't pay for.


Productivity Software and Desktop Applications or Web Service

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When making the important choice between productivity software that is web based or accessible via a desktop application there are a few variables to first take into consideration.

First, a desktop application will require the use of your computer's resources, including memory, hard drive space, and processing power, whereas a web service "resides" on another network on the Internet.

If you're looking for productivity software that boasts plenty of bells and whistles and also have the computing power to run that software along with everything else, then a desktop application may be a choice to consider. But, on the other hand, if your computer or network is already taxed as it is, adding another program that will cause your system to be bogged down, or in the worst case scenario, not work at all, so finding a web based service to use would then be your best option.

Using common computer languages like Java, web developers create applications that can be accessed and used on the Internet without the need for downloading any software to a computer or network of computers. Web based productivity software might not be able to pack the same punch that a desktop application would, however, they're often useful enough for handling the most common basic functions that would benefit a small business and many are tailored to specific industries.

The integration of both a desktop application along with a web service may be the ideal scenario for the small business owner whose budget is limited. As is the case with just about anything related to computers, finding productivity software that performs multiple functions all from the same user interface can help to not only save time but also improve efficiency.

Some programs such as Google Docs, a free word processing application, allow users to work both on and offline by having the choice to work on files via the application as well as saving it to their computer's hard drive. You can take a tour by going to Google Docs to determine if it is an application that would benefit your business.

Using Open Source Software
Open source software can be an ideal solution for small businesses and organizations on a limited or restricted budget. Rather than investing in, usually pricey, proprietary programs, a business could use free open source productivity software and achieve some of the very same tasks paying minimal, if any, fees.

Some popular web based office productivity software include the web based project management system Achievo, which is available in 20 languages and used for tracking tasks, projects and their phases, and resources. There's also a time module for monitoring employee hours as well as functions related to customer relationship management, scheduling, and project reporting. You can learn more about this particular software tool by visiting their site at Achievo.

Ultimately, productivity software is only as good as the user at the controls and how well they make the program work for them. By learning as much as possible about each application, especially their functions and limitations, before purchasing or installing you'll be able to make the most of your time and efforts while improving your business capabilities.